BS in Economics(Transportation Concentration)--UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA

课程名称:Bachelor of Science in Economics - Transportation Concentration

授予学位:学士学位 (Bachelor degree)

学院:Wharton School, Statistics Department


This program acquaints students with the total distribution process of goods; location of source materials, production and distribution facilities and inventory of raw materials and final products. Courses also address issues related to passenger transportation. The concentration examines the different modes of transportation and methods of forecasting transportation needs. Students with this background have been offered positions with transportation agencies, shippers and receivers of goods and public organizations.


Applicants should have completed a program of secondary education. They should also take up the SAT Reasoning test and two SAT subject tests, or the ACT with writing. Penn tends to admit students with a TOEFL score of 100 and above in Internet-Based test, 600 and above in Paper-Based test and 260 or above in Computer-Based test. However, if a student scores higher than 650 on the Critical Reading Section of the SAT Reasoning test, then the student is exempted from taking the TOEFL exam.