BS in Economics(Marketing Concentration)--UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA

课程名称:Bachelor of Science in Economics - Marketing Concentration

授予学位:学士学位 (Bachelor degree)
学院:Wharton School, Marketing Department

课程介绍:  This program focuses on the needs and wants of the organization's key stakeholders. Students pursuing this concentration acquire a solid grounding in applying the basic disciplines (e.g., psychology, economics, statistics) essential for understanding consumer and organizational buying patterns and for developing successful marketing strategies. They also acquire practical experience in the application of these concepts and methods, via half-semester mini-courses (e.g., new product development, advertising, retailing) and a capstone course.


Applicants should have completed a program of secondary education. They should also take up the SAT Reasoning test and two SAT subject tests, or the ACT with writing. Penn tends to admit students with a TOEFL score of 100 and above in Internet-Based test, 600 and above in Paper-Based test and 260 or above in Computer-Based test. However, if a student scores higher than 650 on the Critical Reading Section of the SAT Reasoning test, then the student is exempted from taking the TOEFL exam.


The modules include MKTG 101 Introduction to Marketing, MKTG 211 Consumer Behavior, MKTG 212 Marketing Research, MKTG 221 New Product Management, MKTG 222 Pricing Policy, MKTG 223 Channel Management, MKTG 224 Advertising Management, MKTG 225 Principles of Retailing, MKTG 226 Sales Force Management, MKTG 228x- Contagious: How Products, Ideas, and Behaviors, MKTG 232x- New Product Development, MKTG 235 Principles of Advertising, MKTG 236 Law of Marketing and Antitrust, MKTG 271 Models for Marketing Strategy, MKTG 277 Marketing Strategy, MKTG 281 Entrepreneurial Marketing, MKTG 282 Multinational Marketing, MKTG 286 Business-to-Business Marketing, MKTG 288 Pricing Strategies, MKTG 289 Marketing Methods and Applications for Business Consulting, MKTG 341 Senior Seminar, MKTG 391 Special Topic: New Product Developement, MKTG 394 Interactive Media Marketing, MKTG 399 Independent Study.